Vietnam! Motorbikes! Adventure?

Well the time has come to see Vietnam! An idea starts with a spark, the spark grows to a fire.  Travelling is the same way, it starts with an idea and things happen from there!  Being that this trip was unplanned for the most part and a random adventure, why not make it more random by buying a motorbike and travelling a country on that bike!  My great idea led me to some amazing experiences and some dangerous situations at the same time!

Upon arriving in Vietnam, I set out to buy a motorbike, my 3rd day in the country I ran across a bike and bought it!  I then figured out many places to visit within the city and around Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) to see – these led me to various museums and historical war sites.  The most exciting place was the Cu Chi Tunnels – about 45 mins away from Saigon.  Not only did I get to see the cool history, I also got to test out my riding skills in the country.  These tunnels were created by the VietCong during the Vietnam war to hide from the US military forces.  With hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels, it was like a whole city underground! The entrances were small, as you can see in the video!

Around the tunnels there are collections of used bombs, ammunition, missiles and other military equipment and weaponry that was used in the area.  These are only a small fragment of what was actually dropped on the countryside! Hundreds of thousands of pounds of explosives were dropped here…it’s amazing how the land has regrown!

After spending numerous days in the Saigon region, it was time to head north towards Hanoi. I set my first stop a couple hundred kilometers away at Mue Ne, a seaside town to spend my first night at on the road.  This will be one of many cities that I will stop in and see, enjoy the video, more to come!



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