Packing – it’s a love/hate relationship

Everyones favorite thing and worst nightmare. The excitement and anticipation of new travels and experiences, but the feeling of forgetting the unforgettables! The feeling of “did I pack my phone charger?” Or “what about my glasses?” And the worst one “my camera!”

Everyone has had the wonderful feeling of forgetfulness. Happens to the best of us. 

So this is not my first rodeo around airports or travels. It’s just my first rodeo going alone and “backpacking” through many countries where things we take for granted in the USA are harder to come by. 

Deciding what to take along is half the battle. You want to pack light but at the same time you want to make sure you don’t forget anything. Trying to remember what to take is a pain in the rear end, so grab a piece of paper(or your note taker on your personal assistant aka your phone) and make a list of what you need. Keep in mind most places will have facilities to wash clothes and most pharmacies or grocery stores will have the essentials like toiletries and soaps. 

Of course we all need to document and save the adventure with video and pictures! Grab your favorite device for this task and make sure you have extra memory cards and batteries to keep you going!

For this trip I’ve packed (or still am packing – yes leaving tomorrow and doing laundry tonight) the following:

-basic toilitres(toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, mini soap/shampoo)

-baby wipes – never taken them before but I hear they are a godsend when on the road in dusty dirty areas. Mexican shower anyone?

-fast dry microfiber towel-if a hostel doesn’t have a towel or I need one quick, I have one. Small and light. 

-glasses and contact solution 



-2 regular shirts

-3 t shirts

-2 shorts

-1 light weight pant

-1 pair of jeans

-underwear and socks

-electronics(phone, camera, memory cards, Chargers, computer)

-a few granola bars or energy bars

-some sort of workout gear if your into that 

For this trip I am taking along some exercise bands because there will not be many gyms to access. They are small and still provide great training in extreme compact size. 

For documentation I will have a GoPro Hero3 and a Sony WX350 camera. Record and snap pix of whatever I want or need!

I am taking an Osprey Farpoint 70 bag. After much research I figured this will be the most versitile bag and give the most flexibility. It has a zip off mini pack for day excursions. Whatever you travel with, make sure it’s comfortable and will be able to hold your items safely. 

Some say this is even to much to take. Gauge it yourself but remember to pack light! If it won’t fit in a backpack, don’t take it! A heavy backpack when walking around a city is one of the worst things. Well, not as bad as three suitcases I guess!

Time to pack the pile of things into my bag! Let the Tetris begin!

 IMG_1402 Packing - it's a love/hate relationship  
Packing with airtight bags helps create more room!

IMG_1403 Packing - it's a love/hate relationship  

The photo op companion. How many mountains will she climb?IMG_1404 Packing - it's a love/hate relationship  

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  1. 2 shirts and the pair of jeans are absolute luxury for this trip! lol but you did a good job. GoodLuck !

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