A day in Godzilla’s playground!

Hong Kong was beautiful, exciting, eventful and fun.  I will miss that wonderful city and country, I will be back!  As my adventure is coming to an end, I have one more stop to make.  A quick stop in Tokyo to visit not only Japan, but some close family I have there as well! A fantastic way to end a great adventure. Upon arriving in Tokyo, it is evident that this city gets travellers from all over the world.  The welcome signs consist of many languages, including many that I can speak or read – Farsi, Arabic, English, and Spanish! I was met by an eager group of children that

New Updates and VIDEOS!

Hello everyone, just a quick update as it has been a VERY long time since my last post.  I will be posting the story about Tokyo soon, as well as I have finally got around to editing video footage of the trip!  Here is my first video of the first segment of the journey.  First stop, Singapore! Also, for all of you social media followers, find me on Instagram @four_minutes! Cheers! Enjoy Chapter 1: Singapore!