About Me

Welcome to! If you have found your way to this site, it is one of three reasons, either you know me on a personal level, you are researching places to go and want to learn about the different places I have been to, or you are just plain awesome and like to share my adventure with me!  Either way, all of you are awesome and I appreciate all the support, feedback and follows that you provide!

Why did I start this? The inspiration behind it was actually quite simple, I wanted to have a fun and clean way to share my adventures with my family so they can stay up to date with my travels.  It is much easier for people to visit a blog to see and read about it, than it is to make phone calls or send emails – a website can be shared amongst everyone with ease!

Why tho? Because was taken! (grrrrrr). The basis and background to the name however was how my first ticket was purchased.  I decided that I was going to go to Asia and bought my ticket in four minutes, a week later I was gone! I started with a one way ticket to Singapore and continued through all the countries I could get through! My South East Asia trip is only the beginning of many more to come, with many more stories to follow!

Follow me on Instagram @four_minutes to see exciting things that I and to stay up to date on exciting news!  Until next time, Cheers!

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