Do I turn left or right? I’ll go straight!

The more time spent in Ho Chi Minh, the bigger it gets!  Every day leads to a new find, a new place, a new experience.  From the countries history, to the markets, grocery stores, street vendors, mosques and restaurants of all kinds, there is always something to do.  The best way that I like to see a city is to drive around – randomly – and see where the road leads.

I ran across a couple mosques today – the biggest one was the Saigon Central Mosque (Masjid Musulman) – close to downtown.  Like most of the mosques here, they are full of arches, domes, intricate designs and they all are painted many shades of green.  This is a primarily Indian run mosque, most of the patrons are Indian, or Indian decent.IMG_3422 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

Masjid Musulman.  Motorbike parking is to the right – everyone has one!

The first thing that happened when I drove up was a friendly smile by the door man/guy who told people where to park their motor bikes.  He gave me a tour of the place as well, nice guy!

IMG_3423 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

Mr. Door man, I forgot his name!

On my random cruising around the city I ran into numerous other mosques and even many halal food stores.  Most of these stores were nearby the mosque, and they were all over the city.

IMG_3434 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

One of the many food/meat shops I ran into.

Its nice to be able to travel around so all these countries and see the growth of civilization and the acceptance of differences so widely.  Not once on this trip have I seen animosity of any kind towards other people.  Ive seen all races together, all religions together and all faiths together.  I dont hear about protests against groups or faiths – I have even asked people if they happen!  If you were to ask me now, I would say SEA is a very open minded part of the world – much more open than many other places in this world!

I found a wonderful Indian restaurant here called Baba’s Kitchen.  Some of the best Indian food I have had.  I talked to my server, Mihir, and he moved to HCM (Ho Chi Minh) about 1 1/2 years ago, and loves it.  He has been all over – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and now lives in Vietnam.  Fun history about him, his grandfather was helping with the Iran-Iraq war!  His grandfather was taught in Iran for his education and had lots of friends there.  My server remembered when he was growing up, they had lots of guests coming to visit them from Iran (they lived in northern India).

IMG_3453 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

Baba’s Kitchen – Halal and vegetarian!

IMG_3450 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

Chicken Hariyali Kabab with Plain Naan, I even got complimentary Curry and rice pudding from Mihir, Thanks!!

IMG_3452 Do I turn left or right?  I'll go straight!

Thank you Mihir, Good luck on your adventures, pleasure meeting you!

Great times, new experiences and wonderful people.  Its been fun Ho Chi Minh but now its time to say goodbye and see the rest of this wonderful country.  Sleep up, turn the bike north and time to drive!

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