Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

The last hours in Singapore were a blast!  I had a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur (KL to the locals) at 5:30, so I had almost a full day to burn.  So what does anyone do with so much time to burn? Check out Little India of course!  There is a HUGE shopping complex here called Mustafa Center – open 24hrs as well.  When I say huge, I mean ENORMOUS.  GIGANTIC.  As a size comparison – TWO IKEA CENTERS PUT TOGETHER.  No Joke! And what is it full of you ask?  Well…EVERYTHING…Literally.  Clothes, full grocery store, bags, hardware section, electronics, appliances, computers, jewelry, shoes, and just about anything else you can think of!  Its 4 floors of…Stuff. Totally worth checking out!

Fish at Mustafa Center, among everything else they have to offer!

IMG_1607 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Random wandering around this part of town you get approached by vendors trying to sell you stuff.  This is the first time in Singapore vendors approached me trying to sell me stuff. Staying true to Indian style!  Good job, always trying to hustle!

I ran across the Indian Heritage Center while wandering the streets.  They tell a great story about how Indians came to Singapore, plus they have some great kid activities and hands on experiences!  Try some activities, take a picture next to Ghandi and learn some things about world history!

IMG_1610 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

IMG_1614 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

IMG_1624 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Well now its time to go catch my bus to Kuala Lumpur.  Thank you Singapore and the great people of this city – and country.  Great place to be! Ahmad, see you when you come to California and best wishes on your draft requirement once it starts!

Time to board the NICE bus to KL!

IMG_1644 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

It was about a 6hour ride including the customs and border stops.  While at the Singapore border the great people of the country did not want to let me go! I misplaced one important document to leave the country!  Oops! 😀

So what do I do? I get them to reluctantly escort me back to the bus where my bag is.  At this point the bus already crossed the border, so they were very reluctant to do this.  I spend a few minutes dumping my back out to find this paper, eventually find it and satisfy the border crossing requirements and relieve the officers worries. Whew! that could have been interesting!

Malaysia is so easy to enter.  Walk up, wait in line, smile and get your entrance stamp! Got the stamp and continue on to KL!

Departing Singapore:

IMG_1649 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Entering Malaysia

IMG_1651 Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Well now that its nearly 1am and I had to request the help of a local to find a cab after leaving my bus at the station.  I was lost at the station and it was either going to be a 45 minute walk to the hotel, with my backpack, or it would be a 5 minute taxi ride to the same place! Found a cab and finally made it to my next bed.  Time to rest up and take another daring shower in the morning under the suicide showers of South East Asia!


  1. #SuicideShowers

    Chilly or Cold? Easy fix, collect water in a bucket, find a local vendor to give you 2-3 boiled glassed of water, mix, and Hello SPA water …


    Nice Selphie with Gandhi… he feels a bit smug-ful in that shot, I hope you got his consent 😀

  2. I was in Penang for a while, it’s like a 40 minute flight from KL (if I remember right). it’s a beautiful place, the road from KL to Penang is even more exciting, if you feel like a little road trip.
    Langkawi is a very heavenly island worth visiting as well (you can take a boat from Penang to Langkawi)

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