Hello Singapore!

From an early morning on departure to a late arrival in Singapore.  24 hours of travel time! Im exhausted!  Got in to the Hostel around 1am, and 6 hours later I cant sleep! 7am and wide awake!  Maybe its because Im a time traveller…I am 15hrs ahead of PST – Its 7am June 12!

Hula girl at Tokyo airport making an appearance! IMG_1453 Hello Singapore! 

Going through customs and immigration is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just fill out the paperwork, smile, and don’t forget to sign the document like I did!  Oh, And I guess your not supposed to take pictures of immigration. Oops 😁😮 😇

Lastly, bringing any kind of illegal drugs can result in death. I wonder how the Mexican drug lords deal with this law?

IMG_1462 Hello Singapore!  Nissan GTR ad.  I think this country is hinting at me on what car I need to get next.IMG_1461 Hello Singapore!
IMG_1458 Hello Singapore! Death for drug traffickers!
I had the coolest taxi driver from the airport.  Mr. Lee told me all about Singapore and what I need to see and do (most of the stuff was already on my plan as it is, but its nice to hear it from a local).  We talked about living in Singapore, and in his opinion, its the safest city in Asia, however it is also the most expensive.  For all you car fanatics like myself, I got some pricing from him for cars – its crazy!  A Mitsubishi evo costs around $130,000 SGD ($96,600 USD)!!! Plus registration fees which is around another $75k SGD for a 10year plate.  Apparently cars need to be re-registered or exported every 10 years in Singapore (I havent seen many old cars here).  Thank you Mr. Lee for the ride!  Maybe ill see you around Chinatown when I go!

IMG_1465 Hello Singapore!
The Hostel is fun, the owner, Ron, is very nice and accommodating.  Gave me a quick tour of the place and showed me to a tiny room with an ikea bunk bed.  The room is probably an 8×8 room – super tiny and has a desk and a stool.  Replace the door with bars and its a jail cell! Traveling in luxury!

IMG_1467 Hello Singapore!
First stop in Singapore…BREAKFAST! 🙂


  1. #BusinessIdea

    Disposing USA Junk 😛 aka Vintage fixed up shipments
    Let me know when you want the dealership going 😛

    They won’t call it drugs, but we know what kinda speed we be slinging!

    by Moby – Track Flower

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