Elephants and Tigers – which is more dangerous?!

Thailand is full of excitement!  Never a dull moment in this country, unless you get stuck in the commercialized metropolis of Bangkok and never get out!  On a tour of the countryside, I got in a cage with tigers, rode some elephants, and even got picked up by one!

The Kanchanaburi war cemetery is quite a site and is a memorial to all the lives lost in Thailand during World War 2.  The railway, dubbed the “death railway” due to all the lives lost by POW’s building it is nearby as well.  I am honored to have the freedoms I enjoy today and and proud to be able to travel the way I am able to.  Thanks to those that fought for our freedoms and bless those that are no longer with us and gave their lives for what we have today!

Check out the next video of my travels and stay tuned to the next segment coming up – Vietnam, Where I tame a motorbike and brave the dangerous roads of the country!

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