KL in a day!

KL.  Home of the Petronas Towers.  Home of great food, and nice people!  To bad I did not have more time here, I could have spent another 4 days here at least!  I got into KL very late, slept in and and got a late start to my day.  First things first, I have no Malaysian Ringgit and have to get some in my pocket!  KL Chinatown is located close to GRID 9 HOTEL, my living quarters for the moment.  I find a currency converter and get my Ringgits and explore the surroundings a little bit.  Chinatown is on my checklist, so I knock that off.

Staff at Grid 9IMG_1939 KL in a day!


I got my Ringgits, thanks Bank Islam!

IMG_1682 KL in a day!

Chinatown is done, off to some caves. I heard about the Batu Caves on the north side of KL.  They are home to a Hindu temple, Limestone caves and old bat guano mines from the mid 1800’s.  The Dark Caves are famous for rare Spiders, bats, and various other rare living organisms live in these caves.  The monkeys are fun, I saw a couple throwing empty water bottles at people!  Lesson? Dont give a monkey an empty bottle!  Visit The Dark Caves Facebook Page for lots of cool information!

IMG_1686 KL in a day!

The stairs of Batu Cave, what a climb!

IMG_1703 KL in a day!I found a monkey willing to take a picture!

IMG_1706 KL in a day!

This guy threw the bottle at a person behind me!

IMG_1719 KL in a day!I think this one is mad at me for taking his picture!

IMG_1737 KL in a day!Representing for the Dark Cave Tour. Trip Advisor Info Link

IMG_1747 KL in a day!

“Oh! Can I have that camera?”

Once the monkeying around was done, I made my way back to my waiting taxi to zoom back down to Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor.  Bukit Bintang is the trendy area where you can shop and dine while having all the fun you want.  Jalan Alor is where foodies want to hang out.  Famous for street food and local menus, you can try all the fun foods of the region!

IMG_1756 KL in a day!

IMG_1950 KL in a day!

Andy, my taxi driver!  What a fun guy! If anyone goes to KL, call him up! He will take you anywhere you want to go and wont beat you up on fares.  He was always on time and knows his way around, and can make great recommendations.  His direct contact number is 0163521909! Tell him you got the number from Majid and saw it on my site, he may give you an even better deal!IMG_1768 KL in a day!

One of the coolest “homeless” individual I saw.  Sitting in front of a restaurant near Jalan Alor, jamming away to the tunes, having a great time.  He made everyone smile who passed him!

The Petronas Towers (Trip Advisor Link) is about a 15 minute walk from Bukit Bintang.  The twin towers are on the same grounds as KLCC, KL City Center.  Great shopping and great photo opps.  The Towers have tours to go up and see the views.  The towers themselves are closed to public – they are office buildings for oil and gas companies.  The tour goes to the bridge first, then up to the top for the 180 degree view of KL!  I did the evening tour, and the views at night are amazing.  Dont forget your student ID card to get student discounts on the tickets!

IMG_1795 KL in a day!

IMG_1825 KL in a day!

Petronas Towers, and while I was taking pictures, some local kids wanted pix with me. Im not that tall am I?

IMG_1896 KL in a day!

The evening shots are spectacular, best time in my opinion for viewing.

On my way back to my hotel, I stopped by Menara Tower. Not nearly as tall as the Petronas, but still a great piece of architecture.  There is a tour to go up the tower as well, but its not worth the cost.  It is more than the Petronas tower, but not as tall.

IMG_1903 KL in a day!

Celia agreed with me, the Menara tour was not worth the cost!  Celia, enjoy the rest of your holiday in SEA! KL and Singapore are fun, you will enjoy them!IMG_1904 KL in a day!

The Menara Tower at night time.

Andy, my taxi driver, said that locals never walk, they take a taxi to go 4 blocks.  He said the only people who walk around are tourist.  I noticed the same thing.  I walked around the whole city, my feet hurt, so many miles, hills, curbs and cars!  Oh, and not to mention every time I got lost and it ended up becoming a huge detour to add a lot of distance! Its still exciting, wandering around and finding new places.  Walking back from the Menara Tower to my hotel I ended up taking a 2 hour detour, oops!  I did find out where a large majority of homeless people reside however!

I had one day for KL, my flight to Siem Reap Cambodia is at 1pm, no time to do anything on the next morning.  Next stop, Angkor Wat Temples and Siem Reap Cambodia!

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