Mud and water

Nha Trang is a Russian hangout.  Most of the signs are in Vietnamese, English and Russian.  Everywhere you turn, you run into another one!  This is a big resort town where people come and just hang out and get pampered – Especially Russians.  To stay busy, hang out at the beach or a better idea – go to the mud baths!  Yes, the wonderful treatment of mud and mineralized water! For as little as $6 USD you can play in the mud baths and have all the fun you want!

The Thap Ba Spa is one of the many places to go and enjoy this mud bath.  Skip all the extras – go on the cheap and jump in yourself!

IMG_3562 Mud and water

Arriving at the Thap Ba Spa
IMG_3567 Mud and water

This is what the mud bath looks like!  Woohoo!  $6 and its all mine! Chocolate anyone?

IMG_3571 Mud and water

Dang…its not chocolate!

IMG_3577 Mud and water

So I heard this treatment is good for sunburns – you can see the line here!  Ouch! But, I have to say it did help!

Well thats enough of playing in the mud.  Dried, applied more Aloe Vera and on to the next thing.  One of Vietnam’s secrets that many people skip!  The Ba Ho Waterfalls! Its a series of three water falls that you have to hike to. The hike is not the easiest – its over rocks, boulders, water and its over 1km long to get there.  Steep cliffs, and small ledges make it even harder.  There are some pools at the bottom of the falls where one can jump into if one wanted – and I was there so why not…Ill jump in!  Lucky for me it was not crowded!

IMG_3602 Mud and water

New shirt to keep the sun off my arms!

IMG_3615 Mud and water

The path to Ba Ho Falls.  Granted this was only a section of it – and one of the easier ones at that!

IMG_3616 Mud and water

Hey, when you got a leak in a pipe, put a stick in it!

IMG_3635 Mud and water

The water level is low right now so the falls are kinda small. You can see the water lines here.  But the water is cool and the day is hot, so who cares!

IMG_3653 Mud and water

Umm, it didn’t look so high from the bottom! This is what 20+ feet looks like?!

IMG_3654 Mud and water

Well, I came this far, cant turn back! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

IMG_3656 Mud and water

Hmm…Maybe I should have measured how deep this is first. Oh, nope didn’t hit the bottom!

Whew, what a rush! First time jumping off a cliff into water! Lots of fun!  But I dont have all day to play around, I have to hit the road and get to the next city for the next leg – Nha Trang to Qui Nhon! Its 220km + (add the detour for Ba Ho and its gonna be a 250Km day!). And was it a dusty, dirty, messy one!  5 hours later, arrive and I look like a homeless man!  At least the roads were fun and a nice site to see! The worst part was checking into a room – the town has some sort of event going on – so nearly all rooms are full.  I end up finding a higher end hotel (granted its only $30 for the night) and get checked in.  The $30 room feels like one of the 4 star Hiltons back in the states! Free breakfast too! And my luck, when I got to the elevator its full of a bunch of business men in suits when I walk in – looking homeless going to the top floor! 🙂  Sorry guys!

IMG_3680 Mud and water

The winding roads of Vietnam!

IMG_3693 Mud and water

This section was nice!  No construction or dirt!  Philip your a trooper!  Keep it up!

FYI – I haven’t figured out how they plan their road construction projects.  I ride 1 km and its great.  Then 5 km is full of dirt and the road goes back and forth from side to side of the road – as in switches from left to right lanes.  Then its nice for .5 km and then tore up for 4kms again.  It makes no sense!

IMG_3699 Mud and water

Finally, I made it.  Go check in, wash up and get some dinner! The white shirt became a brown dust mop!  That was the best shower!

 This was a crazy ride.  Hope the next leg is not so dirty!  Next stop – Hoi An! The city of fabric and tailors! Known for high quality clothing at rock bottom prices! Lets see if this is true!  Onwards and Upwards!

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