Kingdom of Wonder

Cambodia is known as the Kingdom of Wonder. The reason behind this is because of their cultural and natural attractions as well as their people and traditions.  I jumped on a bird from KL to Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat and its temples.  A nice 2 hour flight, except for when we encountered some turbulence! This is not uncommon in SEA because of all the storm clouds in the region.  It was like a stomach turning roller coaster – up, down, DROP, down, up. A few people screamed when the plane dropped, we are floating! ūüėÄ Siem Reap is a small airport, but busy.  A lot of travelers come

KL in a day!

KL.  Home of the Petronas Towers.  Home of great food, and nice people!  To bad I did not have more time here, I could have spent another 4 days here at least!  I got into KL very late, slept in and and got a late start to my day.  First things first, I have no Malaysian Ringgit and have to get some in my pocket!  KL Chinatown is located close to GRID 9 HOTEL, my living quarters for the moment.  I find a currency converter and get my Ringgits and explore the surroundings a little bit.  Chinatown is on my checklist, so I knock that off. Staff at Grid 9 SUICIDE SHOWERS! YAY!

Goodbye Singapore! Hello Kuala Lumpur!

The last hours in Singapore were a blast! ¬†I had a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur (KL to the locals) at 5:30, so I had almost a full day to burn. ¬†So what does anyone do with so much time to burn? Check out Little India of course! ¬†There is a HUGE shopping complex here called Mustafa Center – open 24hrs as well. ¬†When I say huge, I mean ENORMOUS. ¬†GIGANTIC. ¬†As a size comparison – TWO IKEA CENTERS PUT TOGETHER. ¬†No Joke! And what is it full of you ask? ¬†Well…EVERYTHING…Literally. ¬†Clothes, full grocery store, bags, hardware section, electronics, appliances, computers, jewelry, shoes, and just about anything else you

Muslim Quarter, Little India, Chinatown and SEA Games?!

Singapore has so much to offer! ¬†Beautiful architecture, organized infrastructure, simple to navigate transportation system, and the people are very nice! ¬†Its no wonder its the most expensive city in South East Asia! My view from the hostel room of the Sultan Mosque, built in 1824! Its currently under restoration but still is open. ¬†They are taking¬†Dontations¬†to help complete the project as well. I started my day getting up way to early and hit the town way to early as well. I quickly realized this city doesn’t wake up until around 11am. ¬†Very few shops open their doors until after that…so you miss a lot of the excitement if you

Hello Singapore!

From an early morning on departure to a late arrival in Singapore.  24 hours of travel time! Im exhausted!  Got in to the Hostel around 1am, and 6 hours later I cant sleep! 7am and wide awake!  Maybe its because Im a time traveller…I am 15hrs ahead of PST – Its 7am June 12! Hula girl at Tokyo airport making an appearance!   Going through customs and immigration is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just fill out the paperwork, smile, and don’t forget to sign the document like I did!  Oh, And I guess your not supposed to take pictures of immigration. Oops 😁😮 😇 Lastly, bringing any kind of illegal drugs

Flying international has become less talkative and more luxurious!

I got power on this flight! USB AND 110v! Plus a huge screen in front of me. The days of a tiny half broken screen and relying on a 2hr charge on a laptop to barely see a movie are gone. Today it’s about indefinite connectivity, wether good or bad! Do people still know how to talk to each other?  Now I just hope there isn’t a little kid behind me kicking the seat the whole time!        

Up up and away!

Well the time is here! Good bye San Diego, hello Asia! Waking up at 4:30am for a 7am flight is brutal but totally worth it! I wonder what movies will be playing on the flight.   Hehe I found a work around on the Gogo inflight wifi 😁. It’s fun posting from 30k feet!     

Packing – it’s a love/hate relationship

Everyones favorite thing and worst nightmare. The excitement and anticipation of new travels and experiences, but the feeling of forgetting the unforgettables! The feeling of “did I pack my phone charger?” Or “what about my glasses?” And the worst one “my camera!” Everyone has had the wonderful feeling of forgetfulness. Happens to the best of us.  So this is not my first rodeo around airports or travels. It’s just my first rodeo going alone and “backpacking” through many countries where things we take for granted in the USA are harder to come by.  Deciding what to take along is half the battle. You want to pack light but at the


Hey all interweb viewers! Welcome to Four Minutes. A following of anything and everything, but primarily starting with my travels to SouthEast Asia! Why call it four minutes? Well because that’s how long it took be to get my tickets! Hence the official slogan is “gone in four minutes!”. This trip is going to consist of many locations and crazy adventures.  The crazier it gets the more exciting it will become! A tentatively planned itinerary is as follows: June 11-13 Singapore June 13-15 Kuala Lumpur June 15-20 Angkor Wat Cambodia June 20-23 Bangkok Thailand June 23-? Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam From here is up in the air at the

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