To the cities by the sea!

Ho Chi Minh, its time to say goodbye.  Phillip is going to get some new shoes and another storage rack for my laptop bag!  Although there are mechanics at just about every 200 meters (they literally have mechanics on street corners with a box of tools and a portable gas air pump – no shop!), I dont want to hit the long road with a front tire that is full of cracks, so safety first – get a new tire!  All in under and hour – and for $30, I get a new tire, a new rack and a throttle adjustment.  It feels like a lot more however when you hand the mechanic 700,000 VND.  Yea, I’m a millionare out here!  100 USD = 2.18 MILLION VND!

IMG_3446 To the cities by the sea!

Changing my tire on the street side – a very common site in this country

Time to finally pack up and say goodbye to everyone I met here.  The staff at my hotel was great – they knew me on a first name basis!  For a discount hotel, this is very rare.  Their slogan was “we are family” and they lived up to that motto!

IMG_3468 To the cities by the sea!

Thanks guys! Great staff at Vuc Duong Hotel.

Enough of the boring stuff and goodbyes – the fun is now starting! Bags packed – check, bike loaded – check, full tank – check, bags tied down and secure – check, GoPro – Check, ok I think I got everything!  FYI, stay tuned for future posts for videos of the whole trip once footage is downloaded and edited!

IMG_3473 To the cities by the sea!

Here we go! Phillip, dont let me down!

So the first leg of my journey will take me to Mui Ne – 216kms (Click for road map) from HCM. This is a city on the Pacific Ocean.  It is a big resort town and full of hotels and beaches.  Beautiful views from the road, but the beaches looked a little dirty.  I have noticed that trash is not taken as seriously over here – people just throw their trash to the side and dont look for a trash can.  Pollution is not taken very seriously over here – which is unfortunate as if it was, the place would be even nicer.

IMG_3476 To the cities by the sea!

What most of the road looked like – add trucks and busses during busy spots and thats it!

IMG_3489 To the cities by the sea!

Near Mui Ne – This was a park near the water front.

IMG_3491 To the cities by the sea!

What most of the water front looked like.  Very nice!  Out on the water you could see fishing boats catching their next payday.

This was about a 4 hour ride to Mui Ne – Slept here for the night – and headed to Nha Trang – Road trip map – another 219 Kms up the coast.  Just north of Mui Ne the road was empty and wide open – time to crank the throttle and go! Unfortunately this only lasted for about 20 minutes, then the road sorta ended and became rutted, rocked and damaged gravel – full of construction – for at least 20kms.  Took me at least an hour to finish this leg and everyone waved at me as I rode past.  There was no safety cones or road closings, you get to ride past the big equipment on your own!  Never would you see this in America!

IMG_3505 To the cities by the sea!

Beautiful open road! Zoom zoom!

IMG_3508 To the cities by the sea!

This sand blows onto the road and creates sand drifts – have to dodge and watch out for them, they can wipe a bike out!

IMG_3511 To the cities by the sea!

Its hot, the road is terrible, Im sun burnt because I forgot sun cream – and there are no shops till the next city…

IMG_3517 To the cities by the sea!

One of the many workers who wanted a pic with me!

IMG_3513 To the cities by the sea!

There are so many of these earth compactors working.  They drive at what seems like .1 kmh and flatten the fresh poured gravel.  Both sides of the road were being worked on, and none of it had tar or concrete – just good ole gravel.

Finally I got past this part and found a shop selling sun cream – but its to late, my shoulders got roasted! At least I can prevent further burn!  Ill find some Aloe in Nha Trang – but I have a feeling this will be a fun burn to heal…

IMG_3544 To the cities by the sea!

This was the views going into Nha Trang – it was stunning.  There were multiple signs warning of steep cliffs and if a car hit the rail it would be a long way down.

Mue Ne to Nha Trang was about 5.5 hours including the construction zone.  I’m burnt, hungry and tired – time to find a shower, dinner and some Aloe! Its not so bad, sit back and relax for a day before the next leg!  One step closer to Hanoi!  Cheers!

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  1. We are enjoying your adventure. Keep the diaries coming. The kids and I are going to Japan tomorrow for 6 weeks. If you want to stop by let us know!

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